No matter if you are equipping your first kitchen, starting to cook more or you simply want to upgrade your kitchenware – this is a text for all of us. I say all of use, because from every trip I come back with some new kitchenware, which I simply “must have”.

In this text I won’t write to you about everything I have in my own kitchen, because that wouldn’t fit in three texts and let’s face it: you don’t need all of that. I am writing about the basic kitchenware which will make your cooking and preparing food easier and make everything you cook delicious.

1.Basic set of cookware

This is probably the first kitchen essential that even your mom will tell that you need. And from my practical experience, this showed to be true. By the basic set I mean: one cooking pot medium size, one frying pan (for eggs and stuff), one bigger cooking pot (not obligatory) and pancake pan. In average, on our market, the price of such set is around 250 – 300 KM. But when you buy this stuff of good quality, it will last for a minimum of 5 years. I prefer cookware with granite overlay, because it has shown to be of very good quality.

2. Set of knives

Concretely, I would say that you need one big knife for meats and everything else, one smaller knife and a bread knife. All other types of knives are welcome, but for start these 3 are basics.

3. Cutting board

If you need to chose between a wooden and glass board, chose the latter. Today, food is often served on wooden boards and there are dilemmas on whether and how much hygienic is that. On the other side, basic purpose of cutting boards is to cut and prepare food on it. My discovery before around 5 years is the glass cutting board. It doesn’t absorb any smells, it is easily cleaned and it is very durable.

4. Kitchen tools

If you like to bake cakes and cookies then your basic kitchen tools are: mixer, whisk, fruits and vegetables peeler, grater, rolling pin, wooden spoon, cooking brush. The whisk is truly a great invention, because it easily substitutes a mixer and when you prepare creams and sauces, it prevents lumps. Certainly, in accordance with your needs and cooking habits you can add to this list. Probably many of you would also add a cooking mallet, but I used mine maybe 2 times in the last 10 years.

5. Mixing bowls

Basically bowls for preparing your batters. They can be metal or plastic ones. Usually they are sold in pairs or threes of a kind. My revelation is this bowl with a lid which enables sprinkling around when mixing. I bought this big one and aside from it, I use a smaller one (for recipes in which egg whites are whisked separately).

6. Measuring cup

I recommend one cup on which you can find measures for liquid, flour, sugar etc. I have just that one and as addition it also has a citrus squeezer on top, so it’s one of the most useful kitchen essentials I have.

7. Chopper

A smaller one, so you can use it as a chopper and blender. It is very useful for chopping, mixing different flavors, blending fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to buy the most expensive one, cheaper will also serve its purpose.

8. Baking pans and molds

Aside from to baking trays which accompany the oven, invest in a quality round or rectangle smaller pan. Instead of this pan, you can also buy a rimmed baking sheet. When it comes to baking molds, it depends what kind of cakes you like to bake. The basic molds are: muffin mold, cake mold (standard size is 23 cm) – with the help of aluminum foil you can make a smaller out of the bigger mold as in the recipe for Pistachio Brownie Cake, bread pan – because it is really multi-functional, bundt pan – because we all love a good bundt cake.

9. Colander

I believe that all of us prepare past frequently. I love buckwheat pasta and on Instagram you can see that I prepare it with shrimps in an almond and blue cheese sauce. Colander is also used for draining cooked vegetables. You can find metal or plastic colanders. I have a plastic one and because it is frequently covered with water, I think that the plastic one is more practical.

10. Pot Holders and Oven Mitts

Last on the list but equally important, especially if you want to avoid baking burns. You can find textile or silicone ones. I think that both kinds are equally useful and it is up to you to choose what works for you more. Here someone would also add an apron. Honestly, I have never used one, I am not the type of person who gets all messy when cooking, but if you need one, you can definitely match it with the oven mitts. As well as the kitchen towels, that one can’t seem to have too much.


I hope you find the list useful and let me know what else would you add and do you also keep buying new kitchen essentials, as I do.