Let’s face it: some work days (mostly on Mondays), the most we can do in terms of having breakfast is to grab a granola bar or pour milk over some cereals. Some of us probably not even that.

Some 5 years ago, after a day I literally starved at work, I said to myself that I will never again go to work without having breakfast. And I am staying true to myself. I invest a max of 15 minutes in breakfast but that is absolutely enough to start my day without unnecessary sugar energy.

Following are my suggestions for 5 work days breakfast ideas.


I admit, on Mondays I usually get up on the wrong foot. While I get ready for the start of the week, the thought of getting breakfast ready is annoying. Nevertheless, what I can prepare, because it takes me literally 3 minutes is yogurt with chia seeds and cereals (without sugar!) I recommend that you read the declarations on products, especially on cereals. Because if something is labeled as “without added sugar” or “fitness”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t contain sugar or another type of sweetener.


Second day of the week is already more relaxing. I hope you know about the saying “one egg provides organism with strength”. Well, I completely agree. I put the water to boil and in the meantime get ready. When the water is boiling, I add 2 eggs and put the timer on 8 minutes. It’s just the time I need for my hair. For me 8 minutes is the right time that the egg yolk is liquid, but at the same time the egg white is cooked.


Midweek is great time for toast for breakfast. Toaster is one of our best investments in terms of kitchen appliances. No matter what you put in it, a warm, crunchy toast with coffee, tea or juice is a great start of the day. Depending of what I have in my fridge, I put cheese, turkey ham, butter in my toast. And in the other I put some sweet spread.


It’s already fourth day of the week and you had breakfast all the previous days? I am certain that it didn’t take you more than 10 minutes in the morning and the benefits are numerous. Today, I suggest the Winter smoothie. I called it like this, but there is no reason that we don’t consume it in each season. Certainly in accordance with the seasonal fruits or vegetables you can amend what goes in the smoothie, as well as, add some of the superfood ingredients (chia seeds, goji berried, almonds..)


Another work week is officially behind us. Friday passes quickly, especially if it is a sunny one and tomorrow is weekend. All of this deserves a treat. We will use the toaster again, but now to briefly toast a piece of bread (with some butter). In the meantime chop a banana in pieces. Put some spread over the piece of toasted bread (honey, Nutella, jam), lay over the pieces of banana and sprinkle with chia seeds. Soon is the season of strawberries and berry fruits, so you can add them to this toast as well.

Next week we can use the same sequence for breakfast or change some days, but we are definitely not skipping breakfast. Have a successful work week.