It’s not a secret that having enough sleep, walking, socializing with friends (and pets) makes us radiate the hormone of happiness. Research shows that every day we can improve our mood, regardless of work stress or a rainy day.

The old saying is “we are what we eat”. The fact is that our gut communicates with our brain and sends signals that affect our emotions.

Below are 6 foods whose consumption will make you happier.


This cereal is rich with protein and is a great substitute for rice and pasta. Studies show that quinoa contains a flavonoid that has a significant anti-depressant effect. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced 2013, the year of quinoa and in this way drew attention to the importance of this food.

Quinoa contains 12 to 16 percent protein and all nine essential amino acids that are required for our organism. It is therefore considered a complete protein product, and an ideal replacement for meat. Quinoa is a completely gluten-free food.

As far as preparation is concerned, quinoa needs to be washed by changing the water several times in the bowl in which it is located and then moved to the strainer and rinsed with water. Cook quinoa in a ratio of 1 cups of quinoa: 2 cups of water. When water with quinoa boils, add a pinch of salt, reduce the heat and cook until the water is absorbed (around 20 minutes).


The basic characteristic of salmon is the abundance of omega 3 fatty acids, which are proven to improve mood. Omega 3 makes our skin and hair shinier. When buying fresh salmon, pay attention to the color of the meat that needs to be gentle pink and prepare it on the same day or tomorrow.

An excellent side dish to salmon is a quinoa, so you will get a double dose of happiness. You can find a simple and quick recipe for preparation here.


Since we drink coffee in BiH abundantly, then we can say that we are a very happy nation. Some studies show that coffee consumption in the morning is largely linked to increased energy, kindness and pleasure. Drinking coffee is connected with socializing, friendship, #chakulanje. The JAMA Institute conducted a survey, which results show that women who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a 15% lower chance of being depressed for a period of 10 years, compared to those women who consume one or a no cups of coffee a day.

I love coffee in cakes, so there will definitely be some coffee recipe soon.

Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

I believe that by the very title of the text you expected that one of these foods will surely be chocolate, but not any chocolate. Nutritionists will confirm that the consumption of dark chocolate increases the level of endorphins, so we simply become happier. Even thinking about chocolate brings a smile on your face.

And why is that so? Antioxidants in dark chocolate make our blood cells relax, blood pressure is reduced and blood begins to circulate more intensely in the body. On average, consuming 40g of dark chocolate daily for two weeks will reduce stress. Dark chocolate contains magnesium, and helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS and fatigue.

Use dark chocolate in this recipe and make yourself happy.


Well mushrooms are also a surprise to me on this list. However, mushrooms are rich in selenium, and the lack of this mineral increases the risk of depression, fatigue and anxiety. Mushrooms are the only plants that contain vitamin D. It is known that vitamin D is obtained from the sun. The basic task of this vitamin is to convert the amino acid tryptophan into our organism into serotonin.

You can add mushrooms to the omelette for breakfast, to salad for lunch or prepare it on the grill for dinner.

Green tea

For those who are not coffee lovers, great news is that green tea can make you happy as well. To reduce your stress by about 20%, you need to drink five to six cups of green tea per day. Green tea is a great addition to smoothies, marinades, soups or sauces.

A special type of green tea is the popular matcha. Matcha is in fact green tea leaves that are blended in powder. Therefore, matcha has a lot more nutrients than classic green tea. Matcha is great in desserts. Drink from the photo is matcha latte and you can drink it at my favorite Franz & Sophie tea house.

It is true that what we consume greatly influences how we radiate, and then whom we attract. Enjoy the food of happiness.