Valentines Day is around the corner. No matter if you are preparing something special with your partner or for you this is a day like any other, why wouldn’t you prepare a great dessert. We demonstrate love every day, so I had no idea when I thought of and made this mousse, that everything I hear would be “mmm.. you have to make this again”. Combination of sweet and sour tastes, with a crunchy texture of pomegranate and you are seduced.

The mixture yields 4 glasses of mousse.

Preparation time: 30 minutes



100 ml pomegranate juice

100 g sugar

2 eggs

150 ml Greek yogurt

1 vanilla sugar

1/2 of powdered gelatin


200 ml pomegranate juice

1 cup of raspberries

1 tbs of sugar

1/2 1/2 of powdered gelatin

1/4 pomegranate seeds per glass for decoration


Preparing the mousse. Per instructions on the powdered gelatin bag, mix the gelatin with 3 tbs of cold water and leave aside. Mix the sugar and eggs and add yogurt and vanilla sugar. Heat the pomegranate juice and add have of the gelatin. The mixture should be warm not boiling. Leave aside to cool and then add to the mousse. Pour the mousse in glasses and put in the fridge.

Preparing the sauce. In a blender mix pomegranate juice and raspberries (can be frozen). Heat this mixture and add sugar and remaining gelatin. Leave the sauce to cool and then pour over the mousse in glasses.

Prior serving top with pomegranate seeds.

Simple, delicious and a definite show-stopper.