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Three different and quick proposals for iftar

The month of Ramadan began last week. For all of you who fast, after a busy working day, I believe that it is sometimes challenging to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for iftar, without spending hours in the kitchen. It is certainly important that after an all-day fast, food for iftar is not difficult for the stomach. My suggestion is seafood in 3 ways: salmon with vegetables, tuna file with bulgur wheat and pasta with seafood. You do not need more than 30 minutes to prepare each of these dishes. And seafood is In season in May, so it’s...

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Pão de quejo

Every month I’m really looking forward to the Guest Chef Recipe section. I believe that every day we follow a lot of bloggers, so when I choose a recipe I enjoy preparing it and certainly sharing my impressions. Andrea recently celebrated 10 years of her blog Cukar. And what is better as a congrats than when someone tries out your recipe. Pão de quejo is made from tapioca flour, which is gluten-free, and comes from Brazilian manioc plant. Pão de quejo I already made several times, because they are delicious and excellent as a snack. So, great for weekend gathering or watching...

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Lasagna with spinach

I know that the usual, traditional lasagna is with Bolognese sauce, but I prefer lasagna with spinach. You might say that I am weird, but that’s how it is. This lasagna is easy on the stomach and is ready in 30 to 45 minutes, depending on which lasagna you use. You should check the box as it is written how much time it takes that lasagna to bake. On Instagram profile, in the stories, I showed you when I bought this buckwheat lasagna and I was really looking forward to try it. The next time I used integral...

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Sticky chicken wings

Weekend is knocking at our door and I have a great recipe for your Sunday lunch. I have this recipe for a several years now. There was a period when we ate it at least once per week and then we just stopped eating it. Then we remembered it again and we were addicts. We forgot about it and now they are back on the menu. Therefore, when you try it, you will eat all of it and anxiously wait to make it again. And this recipe will become your family heritage. The recipe is actually very simple and...

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Cheddar bread

You will be making this delicious bread several times in a row, trust me on my word. This means, you should expect a general excitment by those you make it for and that is exactly what we stream to: a mid level effort for a great result. Preparation time: 150 minutes Ingridients: 100 ml warm milk 1 bag of yeast 2 eggs 1 table spoon of salt 1 tea spoon of sugar 320 g flour 100 g butter 1 clove of garlic 1 table spoon of lemon juice 300 g Cheddar cheese 1 egg yolk Preparation: Preparing the dough....

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