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Venison Night 3, Restaurant Lovac, Sarajevo

Sarajevo is my hometown. Although I have lived abroad and I travel very often, there is no city for me that is more beautiful than Sarajevo. Recently, when I came back, I realized that we are not aware at all of how great Sarajevo is and how little it takes to be an ideal city for life. However, that little it takes to perfection is exactly what we most dislike in living in Sarajevo. The gastronomic scene is quite part of this “little” that is missing. Although there are many restaurants, it’s all very similar. Last month I had...

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Gastro review: Dunja Sarajevo

It is almost a public secret in Sarajevo, that restaurant “Dunja” is a place where you go with your friends to listen to some live music and hang out with a round of drinks. Before you go there, one eats at home or in the restaurant across the street, because we have all burnt our tongues on the tasteless food in “Dunja”. Sarajevo is a small city, where guests of restaurants are more or less frequent visitors, so they exchange views on where did they eat well and where not so well. Thus, the very restaurant owner will often...

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About Chakula

My name is Irma and for 10 years I have been cooking for my family and friends. Two years ago I started with food photography and with exploring recipes and adapting them to my liking.
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