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Breakfast on the East – dinner on the West Coast of USA

In October, although there were not many texts on the Chakula Web, this does not mean that this month was not extremely busy. Namely, Chakula is among 70 startups from 42 countries, which are part of the YTILI program. More about the program and the American experience will certainly be in the following articles. In the meantime, my friend Nihad has prepared for Chakula his gastro experience from a recent trip to the United States. Nihad is the author of the text. Photos are from his private album and from the Five Leaves NY website. Traveling through the United...

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Gastro review: Noovi Sarajevo

In the past week, Sarajevo has been blooming in the aura of Sarajevo Film Festival. We watched a lot of movies, socialized and of course ate. Sarajevo at the time of the Festival hosts a multitude of tourists. Regardless of whether my friends visit me during the SFF or during the rest of the year, everyone has already learned that we start the tour in my other house Noovi. For years, in Noovi, I’ve been eating what they offer on the board, not the menu. On arrival, they bring me my prosecco, and so I start every good story....

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Torte i to, Sarajevo

This is a story for all hedonists and lovers of quality and real cakes. Although to tourists or someone who is less often in Sarajevo will seem that we have a lot of places where you can really enjoy great cakes and coffee, the truth is completely different. People often ask me why Chakula is different and ask whether it is that another blog about healthy cooking. And some more expectations and illusions I’ll have to break you. Namely, Chakula is not gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, blunt space. Same as with Sarajevo and its places. Chakula is a place where...

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Gastro review: Boccone Sarajevo

For a long time, I’ve meaning to write a review for “Boccone”, or “Pomodorino” as we all still call it. However, this is one of those places in which when I come to it is as I came at my mom’s to eat. I know that everything I order will be delicious and I do not take any photos of the food because we always eagerly eat what Mr. Fahrudin has prepared for us. Fahrudin Selimovic is a Sarajevo chef who has cooked for many celebrities and today many of them in Sarajevo eat only what Fahrudin prepares for...

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Review: Franz & Sophie Sarajevo

I remember when I entered “Franz & Sophie” for the first time, some 6 years ago. The smell of a variety of teas, which conquered me on the very entrance, I believe has enchanted me forever. In months and years ahead, with a pleasant conversation and advice by the owner and tea sommelier Adnan Smajić, I got to know the world of teas. Today, in my kitchen I always have more than 10 types of teas and we finish each day with a different tea. I decided to present to you some of my favorites. Unfortunately, you can’t feel...

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