The main ingredient of the Israeli falafel are fava beans or chickpeas. Falafel is invented by the Egyptian Bedouins. It is easy to prepare and it is served with tahini sauce. Falafel is a great option no matter whether you are vegetarian or not, because it is abundant with fibers, proteins and folic acid.

You can prepare it yourself, but from the several I tried in Sarajevo, by far the best one is in Bon Appétit restaurant.

I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so photos are from the cell phone.

The main challenge in preparing falafel is that it is not dry and does not decompose. Given that Bon Appétit falafel is served as a burger, combined with bread, this challenge is even more difficult. However, the chef has perfectly mastered it.

We go to Bon Appétit often. We tried many dishes and they are all very tasty. This time we enjoyed salad with feta cheese and octopus bruschetti. The restaurant itself has only several tables, so the intimate atmosphere contributes to the home experience.

Whether you are for lunch or dinner, falafel in Bon Appétit should not be missed.