Month: January 2018

Tastes of Cuba

After returning from Cuba, my friends mostly asked me to tell them what’s the food like, what did I eat and to show them photos I took. In Cuba I ate mostly sea food and pineapple. 10 kg of pineapple, for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. On Tripadvisor I researched restaurants and we visited most of them, but the best food was definitely in a restaurant which used to be a printing company and upon which we accidentally stumbled upon.  In any case the food is really delicious and you won’t be hungry. In Trindad, a small city under UNESCO...

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Cheddar bread

You will be making this delicious bread several times in a row, trust me on my word. This means, you should expect a general excitment by those you make it for and that is exactly what we stream to: a mid level effort for a great result. Preparation time: 150 minutes Ingridients: 100 ml warm milk 1 bag of yeast 2 eggs 1 table spoon of salt 1 tea spoon of sugar 320 g flour 100 g butter 1 clove of garlic 1 table spoon of lemon juice 300 g Cheddar cheese 1 egg yolk Preparation: Preparing the dough....

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Bubbles in a bundt

I hope you like bubbly wines in cakes as well, because for my first post, I have decided to make a delicious sweet which will enchant you with its smell and taste. For the bundt you can use champagne or prosecco. This bundt is a true revelation for me because in the baking process, the alcohol evaporates and it only contributes to the softness of the cake and the citruses enrich it with smells. Preparation time: 60 minutes Ingredients: 300 g flour 3/4 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 300 g sugar grated fresh citrus...

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Wok for lunch in two ways

We can all agree that the most difficult question of the day is: what shall we have for lunch today? Most often the trouble is just the idea what to make. Wok is one of my favourite meals. The fact is that you can put many or few ingredients in a wok pan and very quickly (and without many dishes to wash) you can have a very delicious and nutritive meal. Basis of the both wok meals about which I am writing are Pleurotus mushrooms. These mushrooms easily replace meat in a meal. In one meal I added vegetables...

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Winter smoothie

I have a confession to make. This Winter smoothie is the first smoothie I made in my life and potentially the second or third I ever tried. I am simply more of fruit eating instead of fruit blending and drinking it – type of person. But, I might be wrong in my world. Truth be told, I am a huge fan of citruses and sour tastes in everything. If you leave out he honey from this recipe (and that depends on how sour for your taste you find the blend, i.e. how much do you like to sweeten it)...

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