Month: February 2018

10 Kitchen Essentials

No matter if you are equipping your first kitchen, starting to cook more or you simply want to upgrade your kitchenware – this is a text for all of us. I say all of use, because from every trip I come back with some new kitchenware, which I simply “must have”. In this text I won’t write to you about everything I have in my own kitchen, because that wouldn’t fit in three texts and let’s face it: you don’t need all of that. I am writing about the basic kitchenware which will make your cooking and preparing food easier...

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Pistachio Brownie Cake

Every Monday goes by quick with a piece of cake, don’t you agree? Each February 26 is National Pistachio Day. When pistachio are merged with a brownie base, that’s what I call a bombastic combination. I am a huge pistachio fan and when I was thinking what kind of recipe to make, internet inspiration wasn’t so helpful. And then it hit me: chocolate combined with pistachio can’t be a mistake, no way. By the way, this cake is for a smaller pan, 15 cm (6 inch). If you don’t have a pan that size, you can make it from...

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Sticky chicken wings

Weekend is knocking at our door and I have a great recipe for your Sunday lunch. I have this recipe for a several years now. There was a period when we ate it at least once per week and then we just stopped eating it. Then we remembered it again and we were addicts. We forgot about it and now they are back on the menu. Therefore, when you try it, you will eat all of it and anxiously wait to make it again. And this recipe will become your family heritage. The recipe is actually very simple and...

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How much do we know about superfood?

Omni present superfood looks at us from all the shelves. It is a nice idea that there is healthy food, unhealthy food and super healthy food. So you can add chia seeds in anything and call it a healthy meal, or not really? Numerous research abroad show that 60% of people will say that their cereals are a healthy breakfast with addition of chia seeds (and without information on how much sugar is there in those cereals). The truth is, as stated by nutritionists, that if we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, we won’t...

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Gastro review: Dunja Sarajevo

It is almost a public secret in Sarajevo, that restaurant “Dunja” is a place where you go with your friends to listen to some live music and hang out with a round of drinks. Before you go there, one eats at home or in the restaurant across the street, because we have all burnt our tongues on the tasteless food in “Dunja”. Sarajevo is a small city, where guests of restaurants are more or less frequent visitors, so they exchange views on where did they eat well and where not so well. Thus, the very restaurant owner will often...

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