Month: March 2018

Easter bundt cake

Do you know why this bundt cake is ideal for Easter holidays? On first sight it is just an ordinary bundt cake, but inside there is a soft marshmallow crème and magical taste. The cake resembles this spring, which upon recently brought us some real snow as well. Baking this bundt cake I also learnt an important lesson and that although it is a silicone bundt pan I should have sprayed it with butter. But I didn’t. Nevertheless, the recipe and photos are before you. Despite this minor disaster, the bundt cake was eaten in record time and nobody...

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Gastro review: Boccone Sarajevo

For a long time, I’ve meaning to write a review for “Boccone”, or “Pomodorino” as we all still call it. However, this is one of those places in which when I come to it is as I came at my mom’s to eat. I know that everything I order will be delicious and I do not take any photos of the food because we always eagerly eat what Mr. Fahrudin has prepared for us. Fahrudin Selimovic is a Sarajevo chef who has cooked for many celebrities and today many of them in Sarajevo eat only what Fahrudin prepares for...

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Lasagna with spinach

I know that the usual, traditional lasagna is with Bolognese sauce, but I prefer lasagna with spinach. You might say that I am weird, but that’s how it is. This lasagna is easy on the stomach and is ready in 30 to 45 minutes, depending on which lasagna you use. You should check the box as it is written how much time it takes that lasagna to bake. On Instagram profile, in the stories, I showed you when I bought this buckwheat lasagna and I was really looking forward to try it. The next time I used integral...

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Grow your own spices

If you had a chance to visit some of the garden centers, you might have noticed that many spices arrived in the pots. Or how I like to say grow your own spices. The flower shelf and spices from the cover photo we made ourselves. For me it is invaluable when I pick some spices and spice my food or add fresh mint to the Winter smoothie. Below are some of the spices we can grow in the apartment and what kind of care they require. Basil Most often when you research about basil, you will find the headlines: divine ...

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St. Patrick’s Day Muffins

You probably noticed that I keep track of these holidays, which give us a reason to cook and bake (if one even needs a reason to get baking). Pistachio Brownie Cake, because of its intense green color is also great for tomorrow’s holiday. Of course I am talking about St. Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick is the saint patron of Ireland and in this country, represents one of the most important holidays. Everyone associates Ireland with green color, although it is said that the color of Ireland and St. Patrick was blue. Nevertheless, green is one of the colors on Ireland’s...

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