Month: July 2018

Summer cake

When we do not have a summer in the city and because we have already been on vacation (or we are just waiting for departure), then this lovely cake should be made. Believe me with the first bite, your day will become a real sunny summer. Raspberries, blueberries and berries are In season in July, and in combination with apples, the cake is almost dietary. (It all depends on the perspective). Since you told me that you love step by step explanations, I photographed the entire process. Preparation time: 60 minutes Ingredients: – 5 apples – raspberries, blueberries, currants –...

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Torte i to, Sarajevo

This is a story for all hedonists and lovers of quality and real cakes. Although to tourists or someone who is less often in Sarajevo will seem that we have a lot of places where you can really enjoy great cakes and coffee, the truth is completely different. People often ask me why Chakula is different and ask whether it is that another blog about healthy cooking. And some more expectations and illusions I’ll have to break you. Namely, Chakula is not gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, blunt space. Same as with Sarajevo and its places. Chakula is a place where...

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Where to eat the best falafel in Sarajevo?

The main ingredient of the Israeli falafel are fava beans or chickpeas. Falafel is invented by the Egyptian Bedouins. It is easy to prepare and it is served with tahini sauce. Falafel is a great option no matter whether you are vegetarian or not, because it is abundant with fibers, proteins and folic acid. You can prepare it yourself, but from the several I tried in Sarajevo, by far the best one is in Bon Appétit restaurant. I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so photos are from the cell phone. The main...

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Tastes of Portugal

When I was in Portugal for the first time, we had quite a lot of time, as tourists do to discover all the great places, for eating of course. This year when I came back to Portugal, I knew exactly where and what I want to eat. Also, I could share with my fellow travellers the tried-and-true impression of something  and whether it is really as claimed on Trip Advisor. And believe me, I enjoyed a return visit to Portugal. As a travel guide, I guided my friends and talked about everything I knew. But given that my company...

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Blueberry magic

I think everyone needs one, the perfect one recipe for a blueberry cake. I’ll tell you that it is this recipe, and you will have to try it. Blueberries are quite in season in July. This magical cake is perfect for summer gatherings with iced coffee and, of course, #chakulanje. Preparation time: 60 minutes Ingredients: – 125 g of sugar – 100 g softened butter – 100 g of Greek yogurt – 2 eggs – 250 g of flour – 1 baking powder – 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract – 4 egg whites – skin of 3 lemons – 300...

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