Month: August 2018

Surprise cake

I honestly was in a dilemma on how to call this cake. And then I realized that its outward appearance is misleading, because pineapples and figs are there for decoration only, and because they are super-matching with the rest of the cake. So the choice fell to this title. What’s also interesting is that there is no sugar in the biscuit, and in the cheese cream you can omit the sugar or put it to taste. This is another recipe with step-by-step explanations and photos of course. Preparation time: 45 minutes Ingredients: Base – 150 ml oil – 100 ml...

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Gastro review: Noovi Sarajevo

In the past week, Sarajevo has been blooming in the aura of Sarajevo Film Festival. We watched a lot of movies, socialized and of course ate. Sarajevo at the time of the Festival hosts a multitude of tourists. Regardless of whether my friends visit me during the SFF or during the rest of the year, everyone has already learned that we start the tour in my other house Noovi. For years, in Noovi, I’ve been eating what they offer on the board, not the menu. On arrival, they bring me my prosecco, and so I start every good story....

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6 foods that will make you happy

It’s not a secret that having enough sleep, walking, socializing with friends (and pets) makes us radiate the hormone of happiness. Research shows that every day we can improve our mood, regardless of work stress or a rainy day. The old saying is “we are what we eat”. The fact is that our gut communicates with our brain and sends signals that affect our emotions. Below are 6 foods whose consumption will make you happier. Quinoa This cereal is rich with protein and is a great substitute for rice and pasta. Studies show that quinoa contains a flavonoid that...

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Gastro review: Megi Mostar

Megi is a place where locals and guests come to eat. It is holiday season and if you go to one of the neighboring countries on vacation or you are off to the coast of BiH, all the roads lead over Mostar. If, like me, you are not a fan of lamb and restaurants along the way, then Megi is the right place for you. In Megi there is something for everyone. It has meat and vegetarian dishes, pasta, fish dishes, as well as children’s portions. I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so...

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Blackberries for brunch

In the seasonal text, I mentioned several benefits of blackberry. On average, one cup of blackberries daily will devour many health problems. Of course, blackberries are wonderful in desserts. This recipe is great for a brunch or weekend gathering. Surely you can make them in the shape of a muffins, I used the other molds for change. Preparation time: 30 minutes Ingredients: – 320 g of flour – 1 teaspoon of baking powder – 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda – 1/2 teaspoon of salt – 2 eggs – 236 ml of sweet cream – 1 teaspoon of milk – 100...

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