Month: October 2018

Breakfast on the East – dinner on the West Coast of USA

In October, although there were not many texts on the Chakula Web, this does not mean that this month was not extremely busy. Namely, Chakula is among 70 startups from 42 countries, which are part of the YTILI program. More about the program and the American experience will certainly be in the following articles. In the meantime, my friend Nihad has prepared for Chakula his gastro experience from a recent trip to the United States. Nihad is the author of the text. Photos are from his private album and from the Five Leaves NY website. Traveling through the United...

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In season: October

Despite the cool last days of September, I still believe in the golden and sunny autumn. An irreparable optimist what can I do. On the other hand, when it is rainy and gloomy outside, there is something in a hot tea, a home-made cake and a blanket. In October we enjoy seasonal: sweet potato, mushrooms, pears and grapes. The truth is that sweet potato is present in our diet only for several years now. However, once you try it, addiction is inevitable. The interior of this vegetable varies from orange to purple, with orange that is sweeter and has...

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Muffins with apples, cinnamon and sour cherries

These muffins are the only and best recipe you will ever need. Perhaps you read such sentence rather often, but since I’ve made about 50 of these muffins so far and each one is eaten, I think I have solid evidence. I still have apples in stock and are so juicy that I don’t want them to perish, so I am using them in all possible ways. I added sour cherries because this note of acidity perfectly suits. This quantity is for 24 muffins because you eat two in 2 minutes. Preparation time: 45 minutes Ingredients: – 300g flour –...

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