Last year we enjoyed the food that our pancreas loves, unusual spices, soups and green tea.

Experts and famous world chefs predict what are the trends in food and drinks in 2019.

  1. Non-classic butters

Peanut butter has been popular for decades, although I must say that I do not really like it. On the other hand, in the past years, the demand for almond, hazelnut and cashew butters has become increasingly demanding. In our market, for some time we enjoy in Noccio butter made from hazelnuts grown in BiH. For 2019, it is predicted that butters made of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and even watermelon seeds will be popular. It seems to me as interesting tastes.

  1. „Ugly” food

OK, I know you’re wondering how food can be ugly? Here the reference is to the imperfect look of fruits and vegetables. In recent years, we noticed how it is intended that each cucumber, eggplant or orange in a supermarket look the same. However, this trend is changing for the benefit of not throwing groceries unnecessarily just because they do not look for some given proportions. Since I am a big opponent of food waste, this trend is especially appealing to me.

  1. Big NO to artificial vitamins and supplements 

The fact is that we are increasingly concerned about our health and nutrition. On the other hand, it is ubiquitous and I would say the violent introduction of additional vitamins and supplements in the form of tablets and any powders. It seems that such habits will finally come to an end in 2019. Many will come to the conclusion that vitamins and minerals are still found in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Love for tropical fruits

I must say that although I like all the trends in 2019, because of this trend my eyes shine. I love tropical fruits, pineapples in particular. This year it is predicted that guava, dragon fruit, passion fruit and star fruit will sway. So instead of one apple daily, one dragon fruit a day, why not.

  1. Dessert hummus will be a hit!
OK, hummus is already the standard part of every breakfast I would say, but dessert humus? I have to say that this trend has attracted me and I could come up with some homemade recipe for hummus with chocolate. Mmmm ..
  1. Homemade bread

World culinary magazines say that people cook more and more at home. Among the 100 trends for 2019 on Pinterest is the making of homemade bread. I think this is a great trend, and nothing easier than making bread. My favorite recipe is that of my dear Nura.

  1. Drinks

As for drinks, the return of rum (not just in cakes) is announced, but in different cocktails, with ice or Coca-Cola added. Manufacturers of beverages in 2019 tend to pack drinks into recyclable materials, which is certainly excellent for the environment.