For a long time, I’ve meaning to write a review for “Boccone”, or “Pomodorino” as we all still call it. However, this is one of those places in which when I come to it is as I came at my mom’s to eat. I know that everything I order will be delicious and I do not take any photos of the food because we always eagerly eat what Mr. Fahrudin has prepared for us.

Fahrudin Selimovic is a Sarajevo chef who has cooked for many celebrities and today many of them in Sarajevo eat only what Fahrudin prepares for them. Fahrudin has been preparing food for the last five years for, I would say, mostly regular guests in “Boccone”. We do not know each other personally, but we nod each other in “Boccone”, at the same time, all sitting in our seats. Like some theater show, I’d say.

It is imperative that everyone has their own favorite meal from “Boccone” and swears that this is the best dish you can eat there. I don’t have just one culinary favorite, but I have periods in which I always eat something with magical flavors and culinary art, that Fahrudin prepares for me. In this text I am writing to you about these few favorites.

I remind you that the goal of the gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so the photos are taken with the cell phone.

I recently noticed that they changed the lighting. You know how I noticed? The cover photo is taken with my cell phone. So good is the light.

Nevertheless, in the photo is a file of bass in olive oil with all Mediterranean spices and vegetables. It is wonderful how tender and soft the bass file is and how this marinade and all spices show the magic of the fish.

If you are a fan of seafood specialties, one of the favorites of all “Boccone” guests is certainly the fish soup. Many will say, the best in Sarajevo, and to the coast side as well. Rich with fish and sour as much as needed.

The fact is that in many restaurants, steak will be served to you but rarely medium baked. In addition, the steak in “Boccone” on salad or solo is soft, not rough, spiced with pepper. On the palate you feel perfectly prepared meat, and then in the back of your mouth you feel the pepper and it asks you to eat more.

We tried chicken in Gorgonzola sauce in a number of Sarajevo restaurants and I responsibly claim that none of them is close to this one from “Boccone”. Chicken comes for 2 or one very hungry person. The sauce has the right amount of cheese and cream. The vegetables are crunchy and yet soft and sweet. Excellent contrast to the meat.

There are also pasta, pizza, various meat dishes, desserts and a far-known chicken sandwich on the “Boccone” menu. No matter what you decide, believe me on my word you will enjoy.

Why 4 golden spoons? The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is home like and the food is excellent. The only flaw that can be easily remedied is ventilation. When you come out of “Boccone”, everyone you meet knows you had lunch because food smells are deeply infiltrated in your clothes. I believe that simply investing in a better and more adequate ventilation system would solve this problem. And now, I am off to “Boccone” for lunch, I inspired myself with text and these photos.