Often during summer and winter, we tend to do a weekend getaway to some of the neighbouring countries. During the winter, those are usually spa weekends in a mountain surrounding. For some time now we planned to visit Zlatibor and had an excellent opportunity for that in the last month.

Zlatibor is 4 hours of a pleasant drive away from Sarajevo. I booked us a “Relaxation in two” offer in Hotel Mona Zlatibor. The offer includes HB stay, use of wellness centre, massages and a range of activities in the spa centre.

On several internet forums, I read that guests will thrilled with the food in the Hotel, so it seemed to me as a great opportunity to check whether I think so as well.

I have to say that the aim of these gastro review stories is to be undercover, so the photographs are taken with my mobile phone camera.

Dinner is organized on the basis of a buffet. On our first evening we came to dinner around 20h. In the corner a band was playing and it was rather crowded in the restaurant, which I found understandable because it was Saturday. In the Hotel, children to a certain age, stay for free accompanied by their parents, so the two of us felt almost as intruders in children full surrounding. The buffet is a decent size and enables you to take the food without waiting in a line. Several staff members oversee the trays and adds more food if necessary. Out of a large selection of entree food, we took some ham and cheeses and they were indeed delicious. The soup was made of chicken. Red or white meat weren’t seasoned properly and were rather dry and hard to chew. So we fed up on the side dishes and excellent salad with oranges. Btw, after dinner we were delivered with a check for drinks and that’s how we determined that the drinks weren’t included in the dinner, which in most hotels within HB is included.

Of course that to me as a sweet tooth, it was interesting to see what they offer for dessert. Unfortunately, while we had dinner, the cake offer on the buffet kind of disappeared, so I took a traditional dough cake (hurmašica) and this creamy cake. The hurmašica was tasty but not thrilling, as well as this creamy cake, which is basically base with 2 generic crèmes.

Breakfast is for me indeed the most important meal of the day. On the breakfast buffet you can find anything you would want to eat for breakfast such as eggs, sausages, cereals, yoghurt.. Instead of bagels I took American buckwheat pancakes, but I soon realised they weren’t fluffy as one would expect and that they are rather greasy, so I went to get some bread instead. I also took some lemonade but it was too sweet for my taste. So were we fed for a successful start of the day – yes, was it a wow breakfast – it was OK.

For dinner that day, thought by the failed attempt with meat, I chose fish. I. took some pork meat and yet again meat showed to be a weak spot in Mona cuisine. These red peppers are the spice life (but I generally have a soft spot for red peppers). These coloured roulades I didn’t take only for the sake of the photo, but I wondered whether you can taste what the base is made from. Basically, you sense cheese, so the base can be with spinach but you cannot feel it that while eating. On that evening we came to dinner somewhat later and it wasn’t crowded at all, but you could also see that the staff stopped refilling the trays.

The absolute showstopper and winner of that long weekend is this chokeberry infused roulade. It was so delicious that I ate 3 pieces. You can sense the chokeberry in every bite and the roulade is just sour and sweet enough. So I hope that the bakers from Mona will share their recipe on Chakula.

All together, our long weekend was made out of relax and enjoy moments in Zlatibor and the food is one part of that experience. When I put it all on paper, on the manner laid out above, I would say that visiting Mona on Zlatibor (especially if you have kids) a great choice how to spend your weekend. For the Mona management I believe that it will be an additional plus if they enhance their culinary offer and give their guests a true gastro enjoyment which will contribute to the spa and wellness experience and make such a holiday worth more golden spoons. I look forward to visiting Mona again and see and taste their improvement.