In the past week, Sarajevo has been blooming in the aura of Sarajevo Film Festival. We watched a lot of movies, socialized and of course ate. Sarajevo at the time of the Festival hosts a multitude of tourists.

Regardless of whether my friends visit me during the SFF or during the rest of the year, everyone has already learned that we start the tour in my other house Noovi.

For years, in Noovi, I’ve been eating what they offer on the board, not the menu. On arrival, they bring me my prosecco, and so I start every good story. And this is a story of hedonism.

I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so photos from mobile phone.

I think that Noovi is somehow best known for the pizza they named Noovi. It is characterized by the richness of arugula, some pieces of sausage and crisp crust. As for pizza, Noovi is one of the few places in Sarajevo where you can eat pizza with pork prosciutto.

Most frequently I indulge in wok, enjoying the richness of vegetables or in pasta with shrimps.

We also like turkey in gorgonzola sauce. What’s awesome in Noovi, is that if they do not have something on the menu, they’ll make it for you anyway. It is important that the guest is satisfied. And such a philosophy in restaurant business seems to be more and more rare.

My favorite season to visit Noovi is summer, sometimes before sunset. The garden is decorated with a hedge that gives privacy while at the same time enjoying the sun’s rays.

After all, why four golden spoons? Small space is sometimes a blessing and trouble. In winter, because of the bad ventilation system, all the food scents will be on your clothes. And cigarette scents as well. I honestly think that the latter is worse. Because an eating place does not have to be spoiled with the smell of a cigarette. This complaint is easy to solve by investing in better ventilation. And while the summer is still here, the best lunch and socializing with friends is in the beautiful garden. Of course, I cannot forget to mention the pleasant staff, which is the embodiment of superior hospitality.