You know when you give a place another chance, with a million arguments to convince yourself: perhaps it was a bad day for them last time, maybe it was a bad day for me, maybe they improved…

Well, that’s my story for Papermoon, Sarajevo. Namely, just after the restaurant was opened, and before Chakula started working, I went with my friends there for dinner. And it was not good.

Recently a friend suggested that we go there for dinner. I must say that I have said my impressions since the previous visit but decided to give another chance. Frankly: I did not have to suffer and pay for it. And when I already did, let me tell you what the problems are. Because there are many, unfortunately.

I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so the photos are taken with a mobile phone camera.

Upon entering Papermoon, a cloud of smoke awaits you. Obviously they are not part of the “Smoke-free” initiative. There is not even at least a separate part for non-smokers.

With ordered drinks, we also took the appetizer of zucchini with mozzarella. Nothing special. Mozzarella is not thermally treated, zucchini grilled.

This pile of rice from the photograph has a story. Namely, they call this dish a risotto with shrimp tails and saffron. OK, you see it is yellow of saffron, and the shrimp tails are rare as pearls. When ordering, the waiter warned that the waiting time for this meal is 30 minutes (as indicated in the menu). Since we were not in a hurry, that was OK. I expected at least an explosion of taste. There were none. There is simply too much rice. The food was tasteless and none of the spices mentioned in the description could be felt.

From other meals we ordered pasta with shrimps. Again there was too much pasta and absolutely inadequately served. Pasta for some reason was cold.

A dish with far the highest intensity of taste was wok with chicken.

This turkey in lemon sauce from the photograph below was perhaps the most delicious dish that was served to us. It was really juicy. However, food is eaten first by the eyes, and be honest if you would like to eat this dish on the basis of this photo. I doubt it. In the corner you can see the vegetables that were also cold and just blanched without any spices (even without salt).

At that moment of the evening, summarizing the impressions, we agreed that 2+ gold spoons for Papermoon was more than enough. And then we decided to order dessert. There isn’t so many choices of desserts.

We ordered a lemon souffle and a chocolate souffle. And these are two reasons why in the end there are 3 gold spoons. The lemon souffle was very good, but serving again is a big problem. And these side additions to it are absolutely superfluous.

Papermoon has a very nice interior and it’s a shame that there’s a bad chef (or more of them). Although the dishes on the menu sound interesting and have the potential to be tasty, they are not because the execution is bad. Prices are not at all low. All in all, although I gave this restaurant a second chance, more than 3 gold spoons at this moment can not.