Regardless of whether you go to Banja Luka for business or pleasure, it is important where and what you will eat. Banja Luka has a lot to offer, and I recommend some of its restaurants in this review.

I remind you that the aim of gastronomy reviews is that they are “undercover”, so the photos are taken with mobile phone camera.

The first stop at lunch time was Restaurant “Kazamat”. The restaurant is located next to river Vrbas. It has large windows, so if the weather is not nice you will enjoy the view anyway. The impression of the fortress in which the restaurant is located contributes to a pleasant stay.

And what’s the food like? The hosts offered us several dishes. The specialty is veal under the a traditional metal lid (so called “sač”), which is prepared according to the traditional recipe. What delighted me is the dough with zucchini. They’re simply too good. They were served with buckwheat pie, which is by far the best buckwheat pie I’ve ever tried. It has an absolutely perfect ratio of dough and cheese. Another appetizer we tried was turkey salad, which was an excellent refreshment with other dishes.

We already thought that we were finished with tasting, especially because we were full, and then the hosts offered us two more dishes.

Traditional cheese pie served in a very modern way, which melts in your mouth is the dish which I highly recommend.

The ox tail is another specialty, served on cornmeal and with a onion rings. For all lovers of meat, you must not miss this meal.

On the cover photo is a warm poppy cake with vanilla sauce. And the absolute pleasure is a warm cake of apples, which reminds me of Chakula Summer Cake.

Now if you think that after this meal we did not have anything for dinner, you’re wrong.

We were honored for dinner in the very modern restaurant “Radish”. The owner has lived in New York for a long time, and in “Radish” she tries to bring the tastes of America adapted to local surrounding. The team in the kitchen is young, but very talented.

Given the lavish lunch, in “Radish” we enjoyed vegetable cream soup and salad with beefsteak. What is very interesting is that the portions are big, very home like.

For dessert we enjoyed American pancakes with homemade jam and hot lava cake with sour cherries.

On the second day of the weekend we were ready for a lighter lunch. And the ideal place for this is the “Zen” restaurant. This is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, with a unique menu and great desserts.

We enjoyed kale chips with homemade vegan mayonnaise, vegetables and an excellent raw cake made of avocado and lime.

Before heading home, we stopped by “Health logic”, to pick up some local organic groceries.

Banja Luka has a lot to offer, and as a gastronomy location it deserves 5 gold spoons. I am looking forward to re-visiting and exploring the gastronomic offer of the city on river Vrbas.