We recently used the “extended” sunny weekend to head up to the coast. It is really wonderful to enjoy coffee and a view of the shore. Certainly the gastronomic experience is an integral part of every trip.

In a multitude of recommendations for restaurants in Split, my choice was quite justified by plenty of gold spoons. And here are the reviews.

I remind you that the goal of the gastronomy stories to be “undercover”, so the photos are taken with a mobile phone camera.

We came at the time of early dinner. Our destination for hopes was a delicious dinner was the restaurant “Štorija”, owned by famous Croatian chef Ivan Pažanin.

Štorija (i.e. Story) is located on Riva – the pedestrian walking area. Although on the classic tourist route, the interior of the restaurant is of a very pleasant design, and the stone interior is filled with modern elements.

I have to point out the extraordinary kindness of the staff, who contributed to us ordering and eating much more. But we did not regret it at all. While we waited for drinks, we were served with bread, 4 kinds of salt and olive oil. Given that we are great lovers of olive oil and “dipping”, it was a full hit.

For the appetizer, we ordered a plateau of cheese: goat and cow cheeses with addition of onion jam and fantastic choke-berries jam.

As for the main course, we ordered 3 different fish dishes. Because when on the seaside – only fish.

You will notice perfectly cooked tuna with vegetables.

The fodder was the star of the other two dishes. One with the addition of delicious šalša – traditional tomato sauce and the other with homemade pasta.

You do not need to be surprised by the great reviews of Štorija restaurant that you will find everywhere on the internet, and it is my pleasure to contribute with another great rating. Certainly, I recommend it for delight of your own palate.

We had a breakfast at the hotel, so the next meal worth 5 gold spoons was lunch.

Hidden in narrow streets, right next to the fish market, is the restaurant Corto Maltese. I read that it was opened by spouses from the love of food, and I knew that I had to eat there. On the menu again was a fish, but also a little meat. Just to see how meat is cooked in Dalmatia. The title photo was created right here.

In Corto, I tried hama. Indigenous, and forgotten Croatian fish. And let me tell you: I can not wait to eat it again.

Absolutely charming, unobtrusive, and your mouth is full of taste.

Visit to Split could not end without desserts. And the only place for the most sophisticated cakes is the confectionery “O’š kolač”, by the owner and pastry chef Tea Mamut.

On arrival I found a long line for cakes. When I came in, I noticed that cakes disappeared while you said “o’š”. I just thought I’d come and I would not try anything.

And then we saw ourselves. Me and Šjor (Mister) Lemon, as it is the name of this cake.

Otherwise, I judge a pastry shop by its lemon cake. Connoisseurs of sweets and chefs will know that there are so many ways to mess up the lemon cream, that it’s not a joke that this cake is an indication of what kind of pastry shop I am in.

And Šjor Lemon is wonderful. Soft, juicy and very refreshing.

A great way to finish a super delicious weekend, right?

After all the food we tasted and so much enthusiasm, the conclusion of my fellow travelers and myself is that the gastronomy weekend in Split is certainly worthy of 5 gold spoons. I wish there were more of such great restaurants along Dalmatia, but in my own vicinity.