I know that as soon as you’ve seen the cover photo, you knew about what I’m going to write.

We were recently in Belgrade and I shared a photo of Nutella dumpling on Instagram, which caused an overall enthusiasm. Certainly it cannot be measured with our enjoyment while we tried the very dumpling.

Since we got there early in the morning, we waited for the rest of the dumplings in the photo to be made, so we could pack them in the box and bring it to Sarajevo.

On the photo there are dumplings with almonds, pistachios, nuts, plums, blackberries, raspberries, peanut butter…

In the sea of various desserts we can try, buy and make, I have to admit that dumplings were not at the top of my priorities. I did not quite understand why the social networks were overwhelmed with photographs of those Ferdinand dumplings.

However, my gourmet soul did not give me any peace and I thought: I have to try it to see if it’s just Instagram hype or it’s really delicious.

And believe me they are great.

It may also be that we from Sarajevo are fatefully connected with Ferdinand himself, who is also called a capricious emperor, but who made dumplings famous, because it was his favorite dessert.

Ferdinand dumplings shop near Obilić Venac is a small space, but as often as I’ve been around, I saw people line up waiting for their dumplings or young people who took their dumplings to go and sat in the nearby park.

Dumplings are made by two ladies and two very kind guys finish it in diverse sprinkles and make good coffee.

I’m off to Belgrade again and I am looking forward to try out some new dumplings or this one with Nutella (or maybe both why not).

Ferdinand dumplings are the first gastronomic story with five golden spoons. Simply one cannot find any flaws to: the look, taste or the story behind Ferdinand dumplings. Sometimes the simplest things are just the most delicious. It is also interesting how traditional recipes can easily be modernized and become a highly sought product. I sincerely hope that Ferdinand dumplings will soon open us a pastry shop in Sarajevo, but until then fortunately they have these boxes to go – which survive a car ride from Belgrade to Sarajevo.