If you had a chance to visit some of the garden centers, you might have noticed that many spices arrived in the pots. Or how I like to say grow your own spices. The flower shelf and spices from the cover photo we made ourselves.

For me it is invaluable when I pick some spices and spice my food or add fresh mint to the Winter smoothie.

Below are some of the spices we can grow in the apartment and what kind of care they require.


Most often when you research about basil, you will find the headlines: divine  and powerful, healing many diseases. For me basil on pasta or pizza is a perfection of taste. Basileus in Greek means the king, and therefore a nickname of this is a royal spice, and Italian women put it to attract lovers. In addition to seasoning the dish, we can also make pesto from basil, as well as make olive oil flavored with basil. Basil loves a sunny place and to be watered with water staying still in a glass for a while. It is necessary to use often in order to make new leaves grow.


I’m eternally in love with mint. It’s my favorite spice. I love it in the form of tea, fresh, in sauce, no matter what. I’m currently brewing mint with orange flavor. In addition, there is also a mint with chocolate flavor, peppermint .. Mint also loves the sun, but also water, so during the intense growth it is necessary to bundle abundantly.


The other day I bought the seed chive and planted it in the pottery. Unfortunately, I could find this spice already grown. Chive is excellent in sauces, but also just add it in cream and enrich it in such a simple way. Chive recovers quickly after the cut, so it is expected to cut it off whenever we want. It is also interesting that its purple flowers are edible and very decorative.


Its strong and enchanting scent is great for all meat dishes, tomatoes and potatoes. It does not like too much sun, nor to water it too much, as it as a Mediterranean plant. Rosemary can also flavor white cheese, but also you can make rosemary tea (it is said to be good for weight loss).


I think parsley is part of growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I cannot remember any dish from childhood that wasn’t spiced with parsley. It is very easy to maintain, loves lots of sun and moderately humid ground. Parsley tea is recommended for a thorough cleansing of the body and also helps in eliminating menstrual problems.

Whether you choose to breed all the proposed spices or just some, I believe you will enjoy using them – because they are grown in your own kitchen.