The end of April announces the season of strawberries. Certainly the first ones come from the south of our country. Dear women from the company Healthy Logic have treated me with organic strawberries. I shared my happiness on Instagram, and then I began to think about what dessert to make. I must say that I am not a fan of thermal treatment of fresh strawberries, so this recipe is the result of creative chaos in the kitchen.

A very simple and effective. I think it’s great for the upcoming Easter, as well.

Preparation time: 20 minutes


– 6 smaller strawberries

– 50 g ground hazelnuts/almonds

– 50 g ground cookies

– 20 g butter

– 50 ml milk

– 2 teaspoons of cocoa

– 20 g ground pumpkin seeds


Wash the strawberries, remove the stems and leave on paper napkins to dry.

Mix in the blender almonds or hazelnuts (or both), cookies, cocoa, melted butter and milk. Blend until the mixture is uniform.

Place the mixture in your hand and put it around the strawberry. Roll each “ball” with strawberry into ground pumpkin seeds.

Leave in the fridge for an hour.

And that’s it. No sugar, very delicious and a surprise for everyone.