– Tell me something ugly. – Summer 2018. And it’s really sort of like that. We only sunbathed on the beach, and seen nothing of the summer in the city. It remains to expect from August to make us happy with hot, warm days.

And when they are temperatures of + 30°C then it is difficult to turn on the oven. It may be because of that, that seasonal fruits and vegetables require no or minimal heat treatment.

In August, in the season are: corn, tomato, plums and blackberries.

Corn always brings me back to childhood. You know when the first corn arrives and your grandma cooks corn on the cob and roasts it a bit on the pan. There is no better snack. I prepared them exactly like that last year. You do not need particularly culinary skills, and the result makes happy both adults and children. Tip more: go to the market in the morning and so you will avoid buying corn that was all day in the sun – because the temperature helps the sugar into the corn to turn into starch, and the flour taste is not exactly what you want in your mouth. Of course, from corn you can make popcorn, either sweet or salty, it will be a great addition to summer evenings.

A few centuries ago, tomatoes were called “love apples”, and some of them really resemble hearty apples. Today, many types of tomatoes are produced. So called fleshy tomato is less acid, the cherry tomato is sweeter, and the long plum tomato is the best for cooking. In salads or when cooking, tomatoes have a natural affinity for basil, oregano and olive oil. Contrary to popular belief, the truth is that tomatoes do not like re-chilling, so do not hold it in the refrigerator, as it will soften and lose its taste.

I love everything sour, and if it is not naturally sour, then I love immature products. I love green plums. I know that most people love soft and sweet plums. It is interesting that there are more than 300 species of plums. To keep the plum fresh for longer, hold them in the refrigerator, and you can certainly freeze them for delicacies. You can also use Ena’s recipe for jam to make plum jam. If you are making schnapps from it please share the recipe.

You will be surprised how much blackberry is good for our health. One cup of blackberry provides 50% of necessary daily intake of vitamin C. Blackberries reduce blood pressure and improve digestion. Blackberries are recommended especially for pregnant women because they contain a high percentage of folic acid. I’ve made a wonderful treat with blackberries, and I bring you the recipe tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying holidays and cooking.