I am off to summer holiday in July. But the real holiday: absorbing the sun, enjoying fresh food and taking just as enough steps from my sun bed to the sea.

This certainly does not mean that we will not know what is in season this month. Surely, I hope you follow Chakula on Instagram, where photos of “first food encounters” are often found.

In July there are fresh: raspberries, blueberries, cucumbers and radishes.

Last year, quite by chance, from a lady from Breza I ordered some divine raspberries. This year I remembered her again and I look forward to those raspberries in July. Certainly, we will enjoy them fresh, part will be frozen, and from one part I will make the jam by Ena’s recipe. Raspberries go well with vanilla, almonds, honey or chocolate. Raspberries in Europe begin to grow in the 16th century and at that time they were mostly processed and used for drinks, because fresh raspberries were considered to be difficult to digest. Fortunately, these ideas have been surpassed to this day. Usually red raspberries are grown, but there are also white, yellow and gold raspberries.

Wow, what kind of recipe I am preparing for you with blueberries. For absolute summer enjoyment! If you often go to the mountains or forest areas, take a bowl with you and start searching for wild blueberries, as well as wild strawberries, these are a special treat. Interestingly, blueberries just began to be cultivated in 1916 in America, and then in the rest of the world. Certainly blueberries can be dried, and during the rest of the year you can use them with breakfast muesli. When you buy or pick them, they can stand for up to seven days on the last shelf in the refrigerator.

Cucumbers are considered one of the oldest types of vegetables. First discovered in the Himalayas 4000 years ago. In Europe, they were first brought to Turkey, and then to Greece, where they became an inspiration for tsatsiki sauce. Cucumbers do not like the fridge, so keep them somewhere in a dark and cooler place. The most nutrients are found in the skin, so wash them well and do not peel before consuming. Although they are most often consumed in salads, they also go well with chicken, fish, cheeses and garlic.

It seems to me that every month we have some vegetables that you simply love or cannot even see in a photo. It’s the same with radishes. I really love them, because of the crispness, the freshness and at the same time the peppery that you feel on your palate when consuming. It’s interesting that you can easily grow a radish from the seed and need less than a month to mature. My favorite is the so-called French way of consuming radish: on a baguette, with butter and sea salt. Radishes are good partners with milk cheese, citrus fruits and tuna salad. You can also fry them or steam boil.

I’m writing you the recipe for the blueberry cake and I’m off to pack my sea baggage. Let me know what you are cooking with July groceries.