Last month’s text In season: February, was a big hit and to tell you the truth I eagerly awaited for March, to write to you what is in season this month.

Certainly some groceries such as blood oranges, cauliflower and lemon will stay with us in this month as well. This also means that all the recipes that I didn’t share with you last month, which contain these ingredients, in this month I have to.

In March the stars are: spring onions, oranges, spinach and kiwi fruit.

I know a few people which look forward to spring onions as they look forward to a close family member. We don’t need to consummate spring onions only fresh or as an addition to boiled eggs. We can also enrich mashed potatoes by adding it spring onions and cheddar cheese and thus make an ordinary side dish much better. Also, try to grill spring onions seasoned with olive oil and serve it with nuts. It is advised to buy smaller spring onions, as those are the most delicious.

It is true that we can find oranges throughout the year, but if you buy it for fresh orange juice every week or smoothie, as I do, you will notice very soon that the juiciest oranges are now. Do you know that oranges were grown in China 6000 years ago? Certainly, at this time of year they do not arrive from China, but from Spain, Morocco, Egypt or from Cyprus. What characterizes oranges that arrive in March, and those are Navel Late and Lane Late types, is that they are easy to peel, so you don’t have to use them for juice only. Oranges go well with all chocolate desserts, meats and I am especially fond of the combination of green lettuce with oranges and aceto balsamico.

Spinach is another grocery that we can find in the store through the year. Nevertheless, the freshest and tastiest spinach is picked and arrives on our table in March. I believe that the biggest hustle to all of us when buying spinach is how much of it to buy. When you cut out the stems and when cooking it you get around a quarter of what you bought. So have this as a guide: from 1 kg spinach you will get around 250 grams of spinach for use. Each spinach leaf needs to be rinsed separately and don’t forget to drain out the chopped spinach so that it doesn’t let its excess water during cooking. I love lasagna with spinach and in March I’ll write you up the recipe.

There is an interesting story on how kiwi fruit got its name. Namely, it was first grown in Northern China, at the turn of the twentieth century and called the Chinese Gooseberry. When it was time to export it, in order to avoid high taxes for berry export, they changed its name into kiwi fruit. It was named by the kiwi bird which is a symbol of New Zealand and which is also small, brown and fuzzy. China is still the world’s biggest producer of kiwi fruit and one kiwi fruit contains only 54 calories. Kiwi fruit can be added to smoothies or make a delicious creamy cake with an addition of kiwi fruit.