End of April and the beginning of May honored us with beautiful sunny days. Everything kind of gets better and easier when the weather is warmer and when the days are longer. Nature is awakening and as I’ve seen on Instagram many of you have already visited the beach.

While we are waiting for the summer vacation, in May, we can still cook with April groceries, especially asparagus and radishes. There is also still the star of the year: watercress.

In season in May there are: strawberries, garlic, fresh herbs, seafood.

I have to tell you that I have been eating strawberries every day. I go to my neighbor in the Healthy Boutique in the morning and I already know what I have for snack at work. Strawberries from Herzegovina are already very much in our markets and during May, they will be even more redder and sweeter. We put strawberries in numerous cakes and pies. I would certainly not exclude them from salty dishes, because they are excellent in combination with asparagus and seasoned with balsamic vinegar.

In the onion family, the most intense smell and is reserved to garlic. However, it is indisputable that every dish to which we add garlic, it becomes immensely tastier. What I will recommend to all of you who love cheese is to prepare cheese fondue for your next hangout. The slices of bread are previously dipped in olive oil, then into cheese. Additional tip: heat the olive oil and add chopped garlic. Garlic is also indispensable to these Sticky chicken wings which are great for weekend gatherings.

When I meet some of you in the city, you say that we are all planting herbs or bought already planted and cut them and add to the food. At my place, basil, mint, chives and rosemary are currently growing. You can also find them in flower shops and markets at very good prices, and there is nothing better than adding fresh mint to smoothie, fresh basil on pizza, fresh chives in a sauce and rosemary to seafood.

Every Friday I’m regular at the fish market in Skenderija. Seafood is available throughout the year, but in May salmon, tuna, blue fish and shrimps are especially fresh. What’s great is that you need minimal heat treatment for all seafood so lunch is really ready in less than 30 minutes.

I definitely hope that you follow Chakula on Instagram and follow Insta stories, because I often share tips just as I cook with seasonal food. Enjoy the May groceries.