What do you think will winter be full of snow? I somehow hope it will not. But if it does, we couldn’t care less, there will be more time for cooking and socializing in the home environment.

In November, seasonal foods are: cabbage, chestnuts, cranberries and pomegranate.

My friend told me the other day as soon as she enters her building, she feels the smell of pickled cabbage from the barrel that her neighbor is holding somewhere in the corridor. Indeed, it seems to me that the first novice of winter is cabbage. Served as thermally processed or as a salad with some too delicious beans. Speaking of the smell of cabbage, do you know that the Greeks believe that cabbage comes from the sweat of Zeus. So it’s no wonder it has a very intense smell while cooking. Except in this way, you can cut the cabbage and roast it briefly on butter, seasoned with salt and pepper. Cabbage goes well with chili, sesame, garlic, ginger and soy sauce. Thermally unprocessed, cabbage will keep freshness for up to two weeks, if you hold it in the fridge.

I pass through Wilson’s Lane in Sarajevo every day. The boy who sells chestnuts says he sells everything he brings every day. You can certainly prepare chestnuts at house as well in the oven, but many will say it’s not the same as when you buy it on the street. With chestnuts, you can make chestnut purees, and they go well with the chocolate, so why not make a cake with it.

Do you use cranberries in your cooking? It seems to me that this interesting food is unfairly ignored in our dishes. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and are very durable. In the refrigerator they will stay fresh for up to two weeks. With cranberries you can make a sauce for meat dressing, add them to a salad or use in desserts.

I do not know whether I’ve already mentioned it, but I really like pomegranate. From the very first moment when it is available in the market, it immediately makes every day better. Pomegranate originates from Iran, from where it found the way to India, China and Europe 2000 years ago. It is said that each pomegranate contains exactly 840 seeds. Frankly, I did not count. Pomegranate will be fresh in your refrigerator or in any other dry place for several weeks, even for a month. You can make juice, add it to the smoothie or make this top mousse.

November is a great month for some different tastes.