Despite the cool last days of September, I still believe in the golden and sunny autumn. An irreparable optimist what can I do.

On the other hand, when it is rainy and gloomy outside, there is something in a hot tea, a home-made cake and a blanket.

In October we enjoy seasonal: sweet potato, mushrooms, pears and grapes.

The truth is that sweet potato is present in our diet only for several years now. However, once you try it, addiction is inevitable. The interior of this vegetable varies from orange to purple, with orange that is sweeter and has a smoother texture. In America, sweet potatoes are simply called potatoes, spiced with maple syrup, and baked with butter and brown sugar, as an ideal side dish for Thanksgiving dinner. If you want a sweet potato puree, do not cook the sweet potato, but bake it in the oven and grind (as a pumpkin). Chips or French fries made of sweet potato are something you must try. Due to sweetness, sweet potatoes are also used for desserts.

Autumn and rain are the perfect time for mushrooms. Surely, if you know the world of mushrooms, then you have the pleasure of enjoying wild mushrooms whose taste is just a delicacy. The rest of us will have to satisfy with cultivated mushrooms. The most common types of mushrooms in our supermarkets are champignons, oyster mushrooms, Penny Bun mushrooms. I absolutely love oyster mushrooms. I think they are a great substitute for meat. And for a quick and great lunch with oyster mushrooms, the recipe is here. Try to eat mushrooms the day when you buy them because they do not like staying in the fridge. With mushrooms you can make breakfast champi(gn)ost, put them in a risotto or simply fry on the grill.

Another wonderful autumn treat are pears. There are about 700 species of pears. Unlike apples, although from the same family of roses, pears are somewhat more gentler and perish faster. Pears are more difficult to grow than apples and they need to be picked before they mature because they often perish while still on the branch. A great dessert is cooking pears in red wine and vanilla or a combination of pears and chocolate – the ideal recipe. Pears are excellent addition to salads.

This year I already ate so much grapes and it’s so nice. On the other hand, wine is made from grapes, and it is said that a glass of wine every day is good for the heart, so the grapes are as well. Although I am a lover of white wine, I prefer black grapes. I like to add it to salads, on cheese platters or add in a smoothie. From grapes you can make jam or add it to a simple base cake.

While writing this post, I got hungry. I believe you did too. Let’s eat then!