The first days of September are usually the firsts day of school. And even if you do not have a school kid in the house, I think we all remember school days. September brings the first autumn leaves, but also rain.

Certainly it means that we will be more likely to be home and, of course, cook.

In September, in the season are: pumpkin, chestnuts, figs and apples.

Butternut pumpkin is certainly one of the most popular autumn foods for preparing both salty and sweet dishes. You can use it in soups, pasta, risotto, but also in delicious cakes. I’ll write you a recipe for a great cake. As for buying, I have several tips. If you can make a dent in the pumpkin rind, it is immature and will miss sweetness. The rind should be free of dents and beige, without green parts. Bigger pumpkin is generally more delicious. You can keep the pumpkin in a cool place (but not a refrigerator) for up to three months. It will last for several weeks in the fridge or at room temperature. We prepare the pumpkin by cutting it and cleansing it from the seeds. Baking of pumpkin will result in intensification of its taste. If you cook pieces of pumpkin and place them in the blender, you will get delicious and nutritious baby food.

Nothing says autumn, like the smell of roasted chestnuts on the street. Chestnuts need to be processed quickly after picking, as they will normally fade. Peeling of chestnuts is a long process, for which you need good music and time. You can use boiled chestnuts in cooking, if you want it as puree, cook chestnuts like potatoes.

It is said that tasting the first seasonal fig is enjoyment as the first kiss. Figs are divided in color, so there are white, black and red / brown. While the interior varies in colors from pink to intense red. It is interesting that each fig contains about 1500 small seeds and each of these seeds can become fruit. When buying figs, pick those that look like fresh, that are heavy in hand and seem as if they are going to burst. They can be stored for several days in the fridge, but cooling of the figs makes their taste less intense. Figs are excellent in desserts or as an appetizer. You can spice them with honey, add cheese or nuts. You can certainly dry the figs or make a delicious jam.

I believe that apples are the most widely grown fruit in our country. There are about 7000 types of apples belonging to the family of roses, which include strawberries, raspberries, apricots, plums and pears. I was also in the apple harvest, and surely I will try to create an interesting recipe.

Autumn is truly a great opportunity to try new recipes!