Omni present superfood looks at us from all the shelves. It is a nice idea that there is healthy food, unhealthy food and super healthy food. So you can add chia seeds in anything and call it a healthy meal, or not really? Numerous research abroad show that 60% of people will say that their cereals are a healthy breakfast with addition of chia seeds (and without information on how much sugar is there in those cereals).

The truth is, as stated by nutritionists, that if we eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, we won’t need superfoods. If we do the opposite, there is no superfood which will make as healthy. Nevertheless, some known superfoods might surprise you.

1.The photo above features kale.

One of those non-exotic vegetables, which our parents made us eat when we were kids. In hipster restaurants you will pay a high price for kale chips. Fact is that kale is rich with iron, vitamins, antioxidants and helps your regular indigestion. On the other hand, experts say that there is no evidence that a higher intake of kale will contribute more benefits to our organism rather than eating the same amounts of cabbage, spinach or carrots. Therefore, parents 0 – us (if we were still kids) 1.

2. For years now, one of the most popular fruits all around the world is avocado.

On the first mention of it, experts note that it is rich with highly saturated fats. This fat helps our cardiovascular system, but the same fat can be found in nuts and olive oil. What surprises is that en entire avocado contains 240 calories and for example a Mars chocolate bar has 228 calories. Conclusion: we can survive without avocado.

3. Recently, I made pomegranate the star of the Valentine’s Day dessert.

Sweet, sour, tasty – easy to love it, especially if someone removed the seeds or juiced it for you. Frequently you will hear about the many benefits of pomegranate seeds, but ironically the most antioxidants there are in the pomegranate skin (which is not for eating). Nevertheless, I am subjective here because I love pomegranate since I was a child.

4. Last year, we planted a goji berries tree in our garden.

I was thinking if it was a superfood, then I will grow my own. I don’t really recall picking any. Fresh goji berries are pink and look like a bit longer grape seeds, when dried goji berries remind of raisins and are easy to combine with healthy snacks. If we eat them or drink goji berries juice it will certainly do us no harm, but there are no evidences that they will do us any more good than any other fruits.

5. The most famous superfood in this area are certainly chia seeds.

I believe that they have not been put in fried chicken (at least I don’t know about it). They can be grind or added to various cold fluid which it will create into jelly. It is interesting that 100 g of chia seeds contains 17 g of omega 3, which is 8 times more omega 3 than a portion of salmon. BUT, those omega 3 from chia seeds are different than the omega 3 from fish and our organism processes it differently. Thus from this amount of chia we get only 1,3 g of omega. On the other hand, 100 g of chia seeds contains the same amount of calories as a Big Mac. O, irony of our life.

6. If you like sushi, then you know that seaweed is superfood.

Seaweed are significant to vegans because it is a rare non-meat which is rich with vitamin B12. It is also rich in iron and calcium, but not significantly than spinach or kale.

7. I recall of childhood again, because I am sure we can remember our parents making us eat beetroot, because it is healthy.

Today, beetroot is considered as superfood. Beetroot is rich with nitric oxides and lowers the blood pressure. Beetroot juice is recommended for athletes prior training, because it improves the flow of oxygen through the body.

Every story, grocery and recommendation has two sides and so do superfoods. It is important that it doesn’t do us any harm, but don’t bite yourself if buying goji berries isn’t on top of your priority list. Other fruits and vegetables will serve its purpose.