Halva is a traditional dessert, which is prepared in the Bosnian-Herzegovina houses in times of celebration, but also in times of grief. Its basic characteristic is that it is a “cheap” dessert, i.e. It’s made of ingredients that we always have in the house. Certainly halva has modernized, so you can add nuts or coconut to it today.

I believe that you had the opportunity to watch your moms and grandmothers while preparing this traditional dessert, and grandma probably suggested that you should be a master to make halva (I speak from experience). Until I decided to try to make it on one occasion. The worst thing that could happen is that I could fail. But I successfully made it the first and every next time. There are a few tricks that I write below and it’s important to have a good recipe.

I photographed the preparation steps, and the photographs are below.

Preparation time: 30 minutes


– 26 tablespoons of flour

– 30 tablespoons of oil

– 600 ml water

– 300 g sugar

– nuts/coconut/wheat germs for dusting


Put water and sugar to boil. Sugar should be melted and the consistency of the mixture is a watery sugar syrup. On average, cook it for 10 minutes.

While the syrup is cooked, we put oil and flour in the pan and fry.

Constantly stir the mixture with wooden spoon in order for it not to burn (I recommend a high quality pan). At the start, the heat can be on maximum, but then reduce it to lower temperature. This is a process that lasts for about 20 minutes, with constant mixing.

Flour will begin to change color (it will become light brown) and then remove it from heat.

CAUTION! Place the pan with flour into the sink and add a few spoons of sugar syrup and mix. It will start to spray around, so it’s best to put on a cooking glove and be careful. Add the rest of the syrup until the mixture is combined so that it separates from the spoon. The mixture must not be crumbled or even too liquid.

Shape the halva while still hot using a spoon and sprinkled it with nuts, coconut or wheat germ. Also, with the aid of ice cream spoon, you can form balls sprinkle with nuts/coconut/wheat germs and put in paper baskets.

Smells like childhood, doesn’t it?