Sometime in the early fall I was cheered by the news that the Museum of Chocolate was opening in Zagreb.

On the first occasion I checked what kind of museum it is, and I bring you my impressions.

I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so photos are from mobile phone camera.

On the cover photo you see a “ticket” for the Museum. These are the different types of chocolate that you test at designated “test sites” at the Museum, and read about what that chocolate is all about. There is also a spoon for tasting liquid chocolate. An adult ticket costs 60 HRK and for children 40 HRK.

The photo above is a place to crush cocoa beans, which is first tasted. I have to say that it is not particularly tasty.

The map shows how many kilograms of chocolate each resident of a particular country eats, how much that country imports, and how much it exports chocolate per year (in euros). I must say that I thought we ate more than 2 kg of chocolate.

In addition to tasting, at the Museum, you can smell the various ingredients that are put into chocolate.

Somewhere halfway there is a seating area. It seems to me that it is not yet equipped and could offer coffee and chocolate drinks.

The photo has liquid chocolate, which you can mix but nothing more.

After all, why four gold spoons. The Museum of Chocolate is a really an interesting idea. One boy said, “Mom, this is the best museum ever!” And for the children, no doubt it is. To us adults, it seems a bit unfinished. Aside from reading about chocolate, there are no visual or voice tools. There is a very well-stocked chocolate shop on the way out. We bought a few chocolates, and they are very tasty. I hope that the owners will continuously improve the exhibit elements, thus attracting visitors.