I remember when I entered “Franz & Sophie” for the first time, some 6 years ago. The smell of a variety of teas, which conquered me on the very entrance, I believe has enchanted me forever. In months and years ahead, with a pleasant conversation and advice by the owner and tea sommelier Adnan Smajić, I got to know the world of teas.

Today, in my kitchen I always have more than 10 types of teas and we finish each day with a different tea. I decided to present to you some of my favorites. Unfortunately, you can’t feel the tea smells over the screen, but with the next visit to “Franz & Sophie” teahouse, you can try some of the teas I recommend.

Teas I am presenting are, left to right: Take a deep breath, Pomegranate, Mint in leaves, Kalahari, Flower meadow and Cranberry special. You can check the ingredients and preparation of each tea on the tea house website.

In the text on Trends in food and drinks in 2018., tea is also noted as one of the trends. Besides that, drinking tea is very beneficial for our organism. Antioxidant, which tea is rich of, help our organism to protect itself from cardiovascular diseases, as well as to prevent cancer. Green tea is recommended to athletes, because it improves muscle endurance. Tea helps indigestion and reduces some of the negative effects of smoking.

Our skin cleanses by consuming tea and from my own experience, I can confirm that in the previous years I really had no problems with my skin, especially with my face.

On one occasion, I came to Adnan’s tea house with a cold. As soon as I spoke, Adnan prepared me a bag of “Take a deep breath” tea, saying that I drink it before bed. This tea is rather sweet and you don’t need additional sugar with it. It is an organic tea and it has the following ingredients: bark of sweet wood, Chinese cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cloves, pepper, parsley, basil leaves. The best of all is that I woke up in the morning and there was no cold in sight.

“Flower meadow” is a true home-like, herbal tea. Each time when we make it, we don’t know which flavors will prevail and which will be the dominating color of the tea, because it depends what gets more in your spoon. The tea contains a number of meadow plants.

Having in mind that teas which I haven’t tried are rare (I am not a big fan of black tea), when I come to “Franz & Sophie”, I first ask what is new from my last visit. Rooibos “Kalahari” had just arrived, so they had no time to even make the sticker. Rooibos helps healing headaches, insomnia and allergies, so it is ideal at all times and especially in the upcoming spring time.

I could write papers on tea, but I won’t. I invite you to head to this great tea house and enjoy the smells and flavors.

Why 4 golden spoons? I had an opportunity to visit “Čajna hiša” tea house in Ljubljana. It is a rather large space where you can have tea, buy tea and tea accessories, but also have a great breakfast, cake and a lot of other things. I believe that “Franz & Sophie” deserves a bigger space and enlargement of its offer and I believe that it will happen. I leave 5 golden spoons for my visit to such bigger space and enjoying everything it will offer.