When I saw that my dear Ena made jam, I had to ask her to share the recipe with you. I do not think there is anything better than a home-made fruit jam from fruit that you choose yourself and then you have a lovely sweet jam for the whole winter to go with pancakes.

You can still find strawberries on the market, and raspberries are the stars in July. Certainly that you can make a jam from plums or even cherries that are in season in June.

Preparation time: 60 minutes


– 3 kg of strawberries or raspberries

– 1 kg of brown sugar

– 1 bag of gelatin or jam fix

– 1 lemon


Firstly, strawberries need to be well wash and cleaned. Leave them in a bowl where you will cook the jam. This will also take away most of the time.

Jars and sterilization

Prepare jars in which you will store the finished product. If it’s already used jars, then it should be washed well with detergent and hot water, and if you still have the smell of the previous product, you can briefly boil them in water in which you will put a little alcohol vinegar.

Into a baking pan bowl pour water to cover the bottom, arrange the jars and place in the preheated oven at 110°C. Let it dry until you have a finished product, which you will immediately pour into hot jars.


Cleaned strawberries blend with a stick mixer, and if you like your jam with pieces of fruit, then skip the process and just cut the the strawberries with your hands. (Raspberries should not be grinded at all)

Mix gelatin or jam fix with sugar according to the instructions on the bag, mix in the fruit mixture and put it to boil. Add the sugar constantly stirring, and if desired, remove the foam that arises. In the mixture we mix the juice of one lemon, so that the jam doesn’t change the color afterwards.

When the mixture comes to a boiling point, cook for another 2-3 minutes, and then put it on a table where you will pour the mixture in the jars.

Remove the hot jars from the oven and immediately pour the hot jam in them. Close the lid well and turn the jars upside down. Save them in a dark place and let them cool completely.


Thank you Ena for a wonderful recipe, we have the whole autumn and winter to enjoy homemade jam.