After returning from Cuba, my friends mostly asked me to tell them what’s the food like, what did I eat and to show them photos I took.

In Cuba I ate mostly sea food and pineapple. 10 kg of pineapple, for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. On Tripadvisor I researched restaurants and we visited most of them, but the best food was definitely in a restaurant which used to be a printing company and upon which we accidentally stumbled upon.  In any case the food is really delicious and you won’t be hungry.

In Trindad, a small city under UNESCO protection, in the central part of the Cuban island, you should try the traditional Cuban drink  La Canchanchara, rum and 30°C are a very interesting combination.

You can definitely try to make it at home as well. The ingredients are as follows: honey, ice, lemon juice, water and rum.

The most frequent questions I got when I returned from Cuba were: whether I would recommend the trip, is it expensive and would I go again.

I am the type of person who rarely returns to places where I have already been, because simply there are so many places in the world to go to and it would be a pity to instead go somewhere I already went. Cuba is indeed a big country and probably by visiting it 3 or 4 times you can go through it all. I believe that in 5 or 10 years Cuba will change even more, but not to worse, only to better. Their socialism with segments of capitalism will bring better conditions of life to Cubans, but also to tourists, who will pay more money but the service will improve as well. Don’t expect to eat in Cuba for 5 or 10 EUR, because it is simply not that cheap.

I believe that the world is there to be explored. Choose a sunny period of the year, a minimum of 2 weeks, a bit more money than for an average vacation and prepare your eyes and your camera for a lot of colour and Caribbean beauty in Cuban way. ¡Viva la Cuba!