When I was in Portugal for the first time, we had quite a lot of time, as tourists do to discover all the great places, for eating of course.

This year when I came back to Portugal, I knew exactly where and what I want to eat. Also, I could share with my fellow travellers the tried-and-true impression of something  and whether it is really as claimed on Trip Advisor. And believe me, I enjoyed a return visit to Portugal.

As a travel guide, I guided my friends and talked about everything I knew. But given that my company was completely #foodie oriented, favorite were of course the gastronomic experiences.

On the cover photo and the photo above is Pasteis de Bacalhau – dumplings from potato, cheese and cod.

What I especially enjoyed in this beautiful country are the appetizers. We often took several and then together tried everything on the table.

Most often it was a lovely camembert with honey, sausages, octopus salad, scampi or simply mix of dried meet and cheese.

I had the opportunity to try a lot of canapes and similar snacks and I have to say that they were generally looking more beautiful than they were delicious.

In the beautiful Quinta de Sant’Ana winery they served us with an excellent wine and a dinner that surprised us. Mostly with the fact that we received the traditional Portuguese dessert: rice on milk, ie. to us well-known sutlija. So this dessert is obviously traditional in many countries. But the wine in Portugal is truly exceptional.

But I responsibly claim that a true feast is in the best restaurant in Portugal (and beyond). Taberna Sal Grosso is a place where I will return forever. We enjoyed a beautiful fresh tuna, ox tail, rabbit, my favorite orange salad, and great desserts with dark beer and lime cream.

We accidentally came across a confectionery for which the New York Times claims to have the best chocolate cake in the world. And it was a bombastic cake!

I thank my dear fellow travelers with who I enjoyed in the tastes of Portugal and I look forward to returning to this beautiful country again.