Despite all snowdrop, saffron and magnolia, the gourmands will say that a true bearer of spring is: spring onion.

The spring onion is nothing but immature sprouts of planted red onion. If left in the soil, in a while it will mature into classic  onion.

Spring onion is a bearer of news of the upcoming Easter, and the constant guest of the holiday table.

This food is an integral part of the Chinese and South East Asian cuisine. It is said that the Holy Trinity of Chinese cuisine is spring onion, ginger and garlic.

When you buy it on the market, look for fresh green shoots and keep in mind that the thinner stems are of a milder taste. When bought, you can keep freshness in the fridge for 4-5 days.

The spring onion helps with lowering blood pressure, it is rich in fibers and helps digestion. In the spring, there are frequent colds, and the spring onion helps in prevention of cold and in maintaining good vision.

For the preparation, except for the classic addition to salads, you can enrich the mashed potatoes with some sour cream and a spring onion, and thus get a very interesting side dish. You can also add spring onions to pancakes.