I do not know if coffee sommelier exists as an occupation, but I could absolutely be one.

The fact is, I do not drink coffee in liters. Coffee is not the first thing I drink in the morning. And I think that’s just the reason I enjoy coffee and I appreciate its quality. For me, coffee is hanging out with friends and consuming that drink as a dessert.

On the other hand, in countless places in Sarajevo, but also abroad (and especially in Lisbon), I was dissapointed in a poor quality and bad taste of coffee.

This is the text for all of you who are wondering where to have a great coffee in Sarajevo!

     1. Torte i to

Ako bismo imali neku ljestvicu sa kriterijima: kafa, kolači, pogled, ljubaznost osoblja, onda Torte i to ispunjava sve kriterije, te je zasluženo na samom vrhu top 5 mjesta za kafu u Sarajevu.

     5. Ministry of Ćejf

Ministry of Cejf (Ministry of Pleasure) is recognizable by the fact that in the same street, Kovači, there is a place where the owners are roasting the coffee they use, and a cafe where you can drink it. In the spring and summer you can enjoy a cup of coffee in this traditional Sarajevo street, and in the winter in the charming interior of the cafe. Coffee is really good, and they also have great cakes. Considering the relatively short existence of this cafe, I will let them continue to prove themselves and surely maintain a good voice and taste of coffee.

     4. Garden of Hotel Europe

Drinking coffee in this cult Sarajevo hotel is somehow an experience of Sarajevo. You can drink Bosnian coffee, but also Lavazza coffee – which is one of the few places where you can drink this coffee. What can be improved is certainly more waiters, because sometimes due to the place being crowded you could wait long for your order.

     3. Kamarija Point of View

The experience of coffee in Sarajevo is definitely to enjoy the view as well. Since its opening, Kamarija has become a distinctive place especially in the summer when you want to enjoy the shade of trees in the heat due to high temperatures. Kamarija has seasonal desserts, which enhance the experience of enjoying Bosnian coffee.

     2. Spazio, Radićeva Street 

For Spazio I’ve been tied since college days, where we spent a lot of time. Spazio is great for the summer heat because it offers enjoyment in a real green oasis, and at the same time you will meet everyone. Recommendation for pistachio ice cream.

     1. Torte i to

If there would be some scale with the criteria: coffee, cakes, view, kindness of staff, then Torte i to meets all the criteria, and it deserves the very top of the top 5 coffee shops in Sarajevo.

Enjoy the sunny days, coffee and #chakulanje!