This is a story for all hedonists and lovers of quality and real cakes. Although to tourists or someone who is less often in Sarajevo will seem that we have a lot of places where you can really enjoy great cakes and coffee, the truth is completely different.

People often ask me why Chakula is different and ask whether it is that another blog about healthy cooking. And some more expectations and illusions I’ll have to break you. Namely, Chakula is not gluten-free, yeast-free, sugar-free, blunt space. Same as with Sarajevo and its places. Chakula is a place where safe haven and inspiration can be found by all those who enjoy food and all its benefits. In the sweetness of chocolate cakes, in the boasting of dishes that somehow became unpopular, because today we all have intolerance to gluten, we do not eat sugar cakes (but that’s why carbonated drinks are not a problem for us). And something else Chakula is not: a place where I will recommend that on a journey you go to one of the fast food restaurants chain, because I really do not eat there. So, I do eat hamburgers and pizza, but in quality places, not industrial sites where there is more chemistry than meat.

Now, when we have that clear, let’s go back to the topic.

I remind you that the goal of gastronomic stories is to be “undercover”, so photos are from the cell phone.

Torte i to is one of the few places in Sarajevo where as soon as you enter the beautiful space, which I think makes 60% of the enjoyment, it conquers you. Look around and see the mothers who are with children, because Torte is a place without tobacco smoke. You see people enjoying solitude. See the couples enjoying a weekly ritual in this place.

Cakes are amazing. Always fresh, made of quality ingredients and not generic at all, but I would say sinfully good. It’s hard for me to decide for the best but favorites are certainly Small Tornado, Brownie Cake, Carrot / Pumpkin Cake, Raspberry Crumble..

Of course, Torte have some “excursions”. So there is Međimurska gibanica and cake with poppy, with lemon, with pomegranate or some salty snacks. As someone who really does come often, I like to try everything, but I honestly tell them when something does not appeal to me and why this is so. On the other hand, cheesecake is a cake that Torte are famous for. And nobody (even when I make it) doesn’t make it better and that’s the fact.

Until recently, Torte had a separate room for smokers. Since this was done in the right way, I think that many guests appreciated it. I saw that space no longer exists. Will this mean the loss of guests, remains to be seen. What people can object towards Torte is the price of cakes. However, this is very simple for me. If you want quality, excellent ingredients, space, look, good coffee, it all costs and fits into the price you pay.

Why four golden spoons? I thought about it for a long time. Torte i to is a franchise. Having tried the original in Zagreb, there is no difference in the taste of cakes in Sarajevo, but there are differences in the assortment. Also, the creative plates with the signature of Mala radnja dizajna were sold in a limited edition in Zagreb, while in Sarajevo it was only for the cafe. It’s possible that Torte don’t need any advertising, but on the other hand I think that marketing, promotion and presence in the public can never harm. I would say that cakes deserve 4 gold spoons and 1 gold fork. And it’s just beautiful that we have such kind of place in Sarajevo.