Every new year is another opportunity to bring novelties in our eating habits and certainly to upgrade our eating lifestyle. Experts and world famous chefs foresee the following trends in 2018.

  1. One pan meals

Quick and simple recipes remain actual in this year as well. In one pan you can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. You save on time and there is less dishes to wash.

  1. Uncommon spices

Use your next trip to get spices that you can find here. Buy some seeds and plant it when you get home. Some of the uncommon spices that will be used in 2018 are Timut pepper from Nepal, which is rather spicy but also tastes like grapefruit; French parsley and lemon balm.

  1. Raw food

Previous year was a boom for raw food and the continuation of this trend is expected in 2018. Expect more edible flowers in meals and all around presence of vegan desserts.

  1. Poke bowls

Dishes made in “po-keh” bowls, which originate from Hawaii are healthy and refreshing. They mainly consist of raw fish, rice, vegetables and sauce. On Instagram there are 250 000 photos of this dish.

  1. Souping
    2017. was the year of smoothies and 2018. will be the year of “souping”. Souping means preferring to eat a rich creamy soup instead of smoothie for lunch.
  1. Food that our gut likes

If you still haven’t, please read the great book “Gut”, by the author Giulia Enders. In this year trend will be food that our gut likes, so prepare kefir, probiotic-rich food and pickled radishes.

  1. Drinks

Green tea is en vogue this year as well and herbal tea stays popular. New trend is certainly Earl Grey tea, so you can expect even Earl Grey flavoured ice cream.

I am looking forward that bubbly beverages are modern in this year as well, and you can find a bubbly bundt cake recipe in the Sweet recipes section.