Sarajevo is my hometown. Although I have lived abroad and I travel very often, there is no city for me that is more beautiful than Sarajevo. Recently, when I came back, I realized that we are not aware at all of how great Sarajevo is and how little it takes to be an ideal city for life. However, that little it takes to perfection is exactly what we most dislike in living in Sarajevo.

The gastronomic scene is quite part of this “little” that is missing. Although there are many restaurants, it’s all very similar. Last month I had an event for 40 people. You would not believe how hard it is to find a restaurant for 40 people in Sarajevo, and that it has delicious food and an atmosphere.

But it seems that we slowly realize the flaws in the gastronomic scene of Sarajevo and many are trying to correct the situation. So does the Sarajevo Food Dictionary initiative. This quarterly edition offers reviews of various dishes in Sarajevo, thus making the gastronomic experience for both tourists and domestic more interesting. They also organize thematic events.

Because of my travels, I was not able to attend the previous events, so when I saw that the Venison night would be held for the third time at the Restaurant Lovac, of course I was there.

I remind you that the aim of gastro stories is to be “undercover”, so the photographs are taken with a mobile phone camera.
The cover photo is from the Facebook page of the event.

The Venison Night 3 was, like the previous two editions, held at the Restaurant Lovac in Sarajevo. There were about 50 guests. On arrival we were welcomed by the organizer and sent to the reserved place. The event was announced for 19:30.

I somehow constantly forget that people in Sarajevo find it modern or cool to be late at least half an hour for all events. So, even here, the serving of food began after 40 minutes, when all the guests arrived.

Also, the fact is that in winter in Sarajevo I rarely go out. Reason: smoking inside restaurant and bars. And again, this situation surprised me at this event as well. I really think that cigarette smoke and delicious food do not go together at all.

In accordance with the announced menu, the cold appetizer was served: Waldorf salad. This salad is usually prepared from celery, apple, walnut, lettuce, grapes and dressing from mayonnaise and yogurt. In this case, instead of grapes, the addition was dried plums, which is consistent with the current season. Salad was a very refreshing and good start to the evening.

The hot appetizer was domestic rabbit soup. I do not know why, but when I imagined what this soup would look like, I did not think it would be clear. The pasta was homemade and the soup was delicious. The pieces of meat inside really could have been from any meat. I eat rabbit meat before, but not cooked. So it seems to me that cooking it in the soup loses a lot of taste.

Now, you will notice that the announcing photo of the event and photo of the main course are different. But as announced for the main course we were served venison in a cranberry sauce with homemade gnocchi served. The meat was really superbly prepared, in a manner that it dissolved in the mouth. It seemed to me that the cranberry sauce was served from the side, to avoid that the traditional palate should not mix sweet and savory. But the cranberry goes well with venison. The biggest complaint is for gnocchi. I ate three trying to find at least one that is delicious. In my humble opinion, the gnocchi was too flourish and they already had their sauce which made them rotten.

I recently talked on Instagram about dumplings and I believe that you share my opinion that they are difficult to make. Only “dumplings” were written on the announcement menu, without further explanation. They arrived at the table. I looked at the person next to me as he cut the dumpling waiting for the lava of a beautiful sauce of forest fruit coming out of the dumplings. But that did not happen. The dumplings were with dried plums. Dried plums in dry dough. This little liquid on the side did not help. Also, I found some parts of dough that were not cooked enough.

And so we came to the end of the evening. To the main course I was thinking about 4 gold spoons, due to tobacco smoke and initial delay, but great idea. Unfortunately, gnocchi and dumplings have led to the final 3 gold spoons. Also, repeating the dough in the main meal and dessert could be easily avoided, as well as dry plums in the appetizer and dessert. I will once again praise the Sarajevo Food Dictionary on the excellent work on promoting and activating the gastronomic scene. I look forward to the events in the upcoming period and I believe that they will work to remedy the shortcomings.